Yanira Collado Solar System

Passionate Teaching Artist

Visual artist Yanira Collado is the perfect example of an A4L Teaching Artist; a professional artist with a keen sensibility for relating to others and a deep-seeded passion for arts education. Collado began working with A4L in 2010, and has since completed residencies in A4L’s Early Childhood, After School, In School and ArtWorks programs. She is also an avid participant in the All Kids Included – Youth Arts in the Parks Program. A graduate of New World School of the Arts and the Art Institute of Chicago, Collado’s role as an educator with A4L has also informed her work as an artist.

“I am surrounded by creative minds all day. Students drive themes and techniques into their works independent of me, and so teaching becomes a learning experience for me, too. “

As a child, Collado was most inspired by educators who found ways to make connections between curricula and experiences, helping her relate lessons to life. Collado credits her middle school physical education teacher, who was also an artist and spent a year as a substitute art teacher, as a great inspiration for her career and her enthusiasm for teaching.

Collado recounts “His interest in my artistic development raised my confidence. He motivated me to apply to magnet schools… and being accepted to New World redirected my whole life. He is the reason I teach now. I want to give back what was given to me.”


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