Help us welcome new members to Team A4L! We’re happy to introduce our new administrative staff members Wanda Carreras, Samantha Garrison, Carlos Noguera and Raúl Santiago-Lugo, who have been helping A4L programs and systems grow to bring children and youth in our community even more chances to create.
Carlos Noguera, A4L’s new Artist Services Director has 15 years of experience in arts education. One of his goals while in this role is to help A4L become the go-to organization for the top teaching artist in Miami. He will be working with Teaching Artists and Program Managers to ensure the success of the residencies. Carlos believes that the arts can provide an opportunity for developing the social, emotional, intellectual and personal intelligence of students.

⭐️ FUN FACT: Carlos was a Teaching Artist for the ArtWorks Internship in the Arts from 2012-2014! 

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Samantha Garrison, A4L’s new Early Childhood Program Manager, started her career as a preschool educator working with children with disabilities. She is passionate about helping children develop confidence and a love for learning. Samantha believes that allowing students to explore their creativity by exposing them to the arts from a young age positively influences their overall development. 

⭐️ FUN FACT: Samantha is a certified yoga instructor!

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Wanda Carreras, A4L’s new Program Assistant is a passionate person with the intention to inspire others into more playful, more expansive, dreamier spaces within themselves. Thinking, communicating, and solving problems creatively is the foundation that she thrives on in program management.

⭐️ FUN FACT: Wanda is a visual artist a graduate of New World School of the Arts High School!

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Raúl Santiago-Lugo, A4L’s new Personnel & Operations Coordinator is a hands-on leader & trusted advisor with a passion for

 hiring, developing, and retaining high-performing teams while increasing performance, productivity, and alignment with the organizational mission and values.

⭐️ FUN FACT: Raúl helped to found the Comedor Social (Social Dining Room) at his alma mater, University of Puerto Rico Ponce, which is now a permanent program that serves free meals to students, in addition to organizing social activities on campus.

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