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Meet the Myrthils: An Arts for Learning Family

Part of the magic in Arts for Learning’s art-integration programs lies in seeing the arts make a difference in the life of not only one child, but also the lives of siblings, or an entire family. One of A4L’s most delightful success stories is that of the Myrthil family. So far, three of six Myrthil siblings have participated in A4L programs, making them something of an A4L legacy.

The Myrthils’ story is a unique one, as would be that of any family with six children, who are being home schooled. As a teacher to all of her children, Renee Myrthil has found that Arts for Learning provides extraordinary support for her children’s education.

Renee was first exposed to Arts for Learning through a partnership with the Frost School of Music and the Greater Miami Youth Symphony’s Music Reach Program in 2009. Relyn, the eldest of the Mythil children, enrolled in Music Reach looking to develop her interest in playing the violin. She was paired with an undergraduate music mentor, who in addition to music instruction, gave her insight into college life. Relyn completed four years of free, semi-private training through the Music Reach program. She has since joined the FIU orchestra as a dually-enrolled high school junior at the young age of 16.

The second-eldest Mythil, Jyasi was accepted into the Lewis Arts Studio (LAS) in 2012. He has since realized his goal of being accepted to Design and Architecture Senior High School. Like many of his LAS peers, Jyasi continues his involvement through participating in the Lewis Arts Studio Alumni Program. This summer, Jyasi and Relyn will participate in Arts for Learning’s ArtWorks Summer Internship program. Kiera Myrthil, currently entering the 7th grade, is beginning her second year at the Lewis Arts Studio.

Three younger Myrthil siblings remain, but are already interested and eager to enroll in an A4L program!


Kiera Myrthil in action at the Lewis Arts Studio.

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