Managing Director – Private Wealth Advisor 
Ameriprise Financial Services L.L.C

Abraham is a Private Wealth Advisor with Ameriprise Financial Services L.L.C and has been in the financial service industry since 1993. He earned his Certified Financial Planner designation in 2000. Abraham earned his Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Nebraska College of Law and was an attorney prior to moving to Florida in 1987. He currently serves on the Pension Board for the Town of Surfside, and is a non attorney member of the Unlicensed Practice of Law committee for the Florida Bar Association.

Abraham’s dedication to the arts stems from his early childhood exposure to music and the visual arts. He believes that art provides unmatched opportunities to develop skills of all children that are critical for their success. Whether it is through encouraging creativity and risk taking, learning the art of expression, or simply developing the connections for cognitive skills, he believes that art can be the essential catalyst for successful learning. He is grateful to be a part of Arts for Learning and its commitment to ensuring that children of all backgrounds have the same opportunities to succeed while at the same time enriching our community of South Florida.

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