Rachel Faro

President, Ashé Records

Rachel Faro is an award-winning record producer, singer/songwriter, film music supervisor and meditation teacher.

Rachel has produced over 30 albums, three of which received Grammy Nominations. She has supervised the music for seven documentary films, including “The Divided Trail,” which received an Oscar Nomination for Best Documentary Feature. Her work has been honored with many other awards including the Parent’s Choice Award for all three of her lullaby albums.

As a singer/songwriter, her first two albums, “Refugees” and “Rachel Faro II” have recently been reissued by Sony Records. In 2019 Rachel appeared in the film “Satan and Adam,” one of the most popular music documentaries on Netflix, which covers the journey of a legendary blues act for whom she had produced two albums. Rachel is president of the independent world music records label Ashé Records, which specializes in the music of various cultures of the African diaspora. In partnership with the famed percussionist Sammy Figueroa, Rachel has produced recordings of artists from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Japan and China. Her goal has always been to present music as a universal language – to educate, inspire and to find a common ground between mainstream Western culture and these various streams of human expression.

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