An A4L Revolution at Doral Academy


Arts for Learning is thrilled to be working in partnership with teachers at Doral Academy Preparatory Middle and High School. As of the Fall of 2013, A4L Teaching Artist Alejandro Bahia worked with students in both middle school and high school classes, using movement, dance and choreography to help students better understand academic content.

Ms. Alexander is one of three high school world history teachers who collaborated with Mr. Bahia this spring, with help from fellow A4L Teaching Artist Yanira Collado, who participated in the residency as supporting Teaching Artist and documentarian. Mr. Bahia, dancer, choreographer and educator, lead Ms. Alexander’s sophomores through a unit on the French Revolution.

Students in each class were split into three groups and given the task of representing the first, second and third estates of the revolution through dance, using only movement, props and music.

Alejandro and Yanira’s work left a lasting impression on both Ms. Alexander and her students. She even reported seeing a difference on her students’ test scores.

Ms. Alexander also remarked “This residency has taught [me] that the art of dance can be used to internalize content.”

The goal of all of A4L’s in-school residencies is not only to help students learn, but also to give teachers the tools and support they need to utilize the arts in their classroom.


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