Meet Germane Barnes, A4l Board of Directors – Secretary, as he shares his thoughts on A4L, his accomplishments and upcoming projects!


What inspired you to join the A4L Board of Directors?
I have been a part of the A4L family in multiple capacities. From visitor, to assistant, to instructor I felt one of the biggest impacts I could have would be as a board member. To help execute the mission of A4L is huge for me!

Why do you think A4L programming is important to our community?
Everyone deserves access to the arts. Every child deserves the ability to unleash their creativity. Far too often arts and culture are reserved for affluent communities when it should be a basic requirement of all educational levels. A4L fills many gaps in our community.

What is the artistic accomplishment you’re most proud of?
My first job, I was 14 and worked in a program very similar to A4L [ArtWorks] where I was an apprentice to a painter for an entire summer. Our entire cohort designed and painted a mural that would be shown in our local library for an entire year. It was my first commission and first project ever!

Can you tell us about the moment you knew you wanted to pursue the arts as a profession?
I have only ever wanted to be an architect. From my earliest memories of career days, an architect was always the goal. I am fortunate to live my dream.

What has been a life lesson you’ve learned through the arts?
Not everyone will like, appreciate or see value in what you do. It’s up to you to find value in yourself first.

Can you tell us about interesting projects you’ve participated in this year, and any coming up for this winter/beginning of 2024?
The Venice Architecture Biennale in Italy was a huge project I completed in the spring of 2023. It was the first ever Biennale curated by someone of African Descent as well as the large contingent of Black participants ever. This winter I will unveil Ukhamba, a large pavilion for Miami Dade College. I am very excited about this project as it is rather large and community oriented.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our students, parents, partners and community supporters?
A4L is an amazing resource that helps not only the students, but their families. Your continued support keeps all of us excited about new possibilities and futures.

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