Dedicated Lewis Arts Studio Alumnus, Future Artist & Educator



In the summer of 2009, Arts for Learning opened the Lewis Arts Studio (LAS). Joseph Canizales was part of the inaugural Lewis Arts Studio class, along with other talented students from schools across Miami-Dade County.  As a 5th grader, Joseph diligently kept a sketchbook and was among the most committed and talented students in his art class. Upon receiving the Lewis Arts Studio application and much encouragement from his art teacher, Joseph came one step closer to realizing his dream of becoming an artist.

The Lewis Arts Studio is a creative haven for middle school students who have an interest in the visual arts. Through the studio, students work for four weeks each summer and one Saturday a month throughout the school year to hone their artistic skills. Like most participants, Joseph attended the Lewis Arts Studio for all three years that he was in middle school.

Currently entering his junior year studying industrial design at Design and Architecture Senior High, Joseph is a blossoming painter, developing interests across artistic fields, though his strengths lie in realistic renderings. His most current interests include Renaissance portraiture and the photorealistic paintings of Gerard Richter.

Joseph is now a loyal member of the LAS alumni. The LAS Alumni Program works to further enable camaraderie and peer support for students who participated in the LAS program. Alumni have had opportunities to participate in artistic competitions, intensive workshops led by professional artists, and exhibit their work publicly. Recently, LAS alumni curated and presented their first exhibition at ArtCenter/South Florida. Joseph was invited to mentor current LAS students at Saturday sessions; this has sparked a passion for teaching in him.

According to Joseph, “My favorite part about participating in the Lewis Arts Studio program is being able to mentor, give tips to the children, and share my experience I had when I was in the Lewis Arts Studio… working with the children has helped me in my own artwork because they’ve inspired me with new with ideas.”

Arts for Learning is unendingly proud of Joseph, as he remains committed to his artistic discipline as well as sharing his knowledge and helping others to succeed.


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