05 22 2012
Students in A4L Teaching Artist Marisol Blanco’s after school dance class at The Coconut Grove Cares Barnyard prepare for a performance.

Arts for Learning believes that a key component of every residency is the opportunity for the students in a class to share the results of the hard work they have put in over their time with their Teaching Artist.  As May and the school year draw to a close, students all over Miami-Dade are performing and exhibiting for their friends, families, and peers.  These one-night only engagements happen in cafeterias, hallways, and common areas transformed by the students and their artists into galleries and concert halls.  We greatly value the hard work and imagination of our students and at least for one night, we are lucky enough to sit in the audience alongside their parents, siblings, cousins, and countless others to cheer them on and celebrate.  These students from the Barnyard in Coconut Grove are about to go out and perform the traditional Afro-Cuban dances and rhythms they have learned with their Teaching Artist, Marisol Blanco.

From the looks of anticipation on their faces, you know this is going to be a night they will always remember!

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