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#A4LatHomeLIVE is a series of live sessions with A4LMiami Teaching Artists sharing tips and activities to boost creativity, critical thinking and fun from home!

Check out the videos, grade lists and materials needed below, and enjoy!

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Mr. Wiggle & Mr. Waggle

Interactive Bilingual Storytelling for Preschool

Please enjoy the story of Mr. Wiggle and Mr. Waggle, as told by master storyteller and #A4LMiami Teaching Artist Carrie Sue Ayvar! Help these two dear friends find each other in their neighborhood while learning words in English and Spanish!

This activity is great for PreK and Kindergarten students.

You will need:
Ears to listen!
Hands to move!
Finger puppets optional

Clownfish Paper Plate

Go under the sea with #A4LMiami #TeachingArtist and visual artist Fernando Sucre! We’ll paint a paper plate and make a Clownfish using simple materials – you can also make any other kind of fish on your own! Activities like this one help to develop critical and creative thinking skills, as well as motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

This activity is great for Grades K – 2

You will need:
Paper plate (any size)
Orange paper (8.5 x 11 inches)
Acrylic Paint (Orange and black)
Googly eye or button (optional)

Folded Paper Bunnies

Learn to make your own hopping bunny using only folded paper, colors and your imagination with #A4LMiami #TeachingArtist Angel Condori!

This activity is great for Grades K- 3

You will need:
Colored pencils

Sun Salutation

Learn the Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) sequence with Yoga, Mindfulness and Creative Movement #A4LMiami #TeachingArtist Stephany Item! Repetition and body memory can help develop critical thinking and creativity through the adaptation of all poses to match individual strength and flexibility.

This activity is great for Grades 6 – 8

You will need:
A open, safe space to move in
Carpet or mat

NOTE: As with all dance and exercise routines, you need to keep good form to avoid and reduce the risk of injury. While we have taken great care to present safe movements and programming, you are performing them at your own risk. Arts for Learning/Miami, Inc. will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of our online dance/fitness/creative movement videos.

Tonal Music Scales
Learn about Solfège, a system of learning musical scales, with #A4LMiami #TeachingAritst Jose Guzman!

This activity is great for Grades 2-5.

Watercolor Portrait

Learn to make your own abstract watercolor portrait with #A4LMiami #TeachingArtist Fernando Sucre!

This activity is great for Grades K- 2

You will need:
Paint brush
Set of watercolors
Towel or paper towel 

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