May 01 2012
Students at Centro Matter East playing board games they created with A4L Teaching Artist Asser Saint-Val.

Today’s Moment of Brilliance comes to us from the students at Arts for Learning’s Building Assets after school program at Centro Mater East.

Under the guidance of A4L Teaching Artist Asser Saint-Val, students were challenged to create board games inspired by their families. Students had to envision a concept for their games, create rules, and design game boards, playing pieces, and packaging.

For the final class, Mr. Saint-Val and his students set up a gaming area in the playground and all of the students at Centro Mater East had the opportunity to come and play the games with their creators. Visiting students got to try their hand at games like the elaborate “Martinez Family Sliders” (where players try to knock golf balls in to a central target area), to the Battleship-inspired guessing game “Where Are the Ortegas?”

Students in Mr. Saint-Val’s class created works of art that are fun for the whole family!

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